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Backflow Services

Protecting our water supply is of great importance and backflow prevention is how this is done.  Backflow is the undesired, reversed flow of water which can contaminate drinking water.  The State of Colorado and our local city governments now have programs in place that require annual backflow device testing by a certified tester to insure that our drinking water remains safe.  There are different assemblies required for different hazard levels and the installation and repairs of these can differ greatly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the annual testing requirements and who needs to do this?
A: Most commercial properties, industrial and multifamily customers must comply.  In some cases residential customers with high hazards such as well water may also have to comply.  Additionally, some changes in plumbing codes require new homes with fire lines to have backflow prevention devices as well.  In general, all domestic, irrigation and fire lines on these properties must have backflow devices installed.  Letters are generally sent to these customers on an annual basis to remind them of testing.  If no action is taken, the city may shut-off water service until a test can be scheduled or performed.

Q: How do I know if I have a backflow device and where do I find it?
We have included pictures of backflow assemblies to help you identify what these look like.  Usually these can be located by identifying where the water enters your property (generally in basements by water heaters, crawl spaces and mechanical rooms).  Our plumbers are trained in locating these and can help you if you have questions. 

Q: Who can test and repair backflow prevention assemblies (devices)?
 Our testers are licensed plumbers that are certified through the ASSE and ABPA.  We are certified to test domestic, irrigation and fire backflow prevention assemblies and are registered as a Fire Suppression Contractor with The Colorado Division of Fire Safety.  It is important to know that not all plumbers are certified to test devices even though they are able to install them, just as not all testers have the plumbing qualifications to repair or install the devices.  This is important in saving the customer time and money.  We are qualified and certified to do both.  We are also fully insured and certificates are available upon request.  In addition, Streamline Plumbing keeps an accurate database of all our customers and their devices to make annual testing as easy as possible by working with the city.  We fill out all paperwork and submit it for you and keep all copies of test reports in the event copies are ever needed.

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